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Experience a different kind of holiday with CATLANTE,

Europe's benchmark for cruises in top-of-the-range crewed catamarans,

veritable guesthouses on the seas.

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The dreamy shores of the world's most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean.

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From everyday life by choosing to live on the water, close to nature and the benefits of the sea.



Unique landscapes, enchanting seabeds, sunsets and starry nights.

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Dishes concocted with love and generosity, right in front of you, and to the hospitality of our crews.



These moments with family, friends or fellow cruisers who have chosen to make their holiday a convivial and enriching experience.

catlante catamaran origine croisiere

CATLANTE, at the origin of catamaran cabin cruises

For almost 25 years, CATLANTE has been committed to introducing people to a different kind of holiday, one that is accessible to all, and which until now has been reserved for a few maritime insiders.

By offering comfortable, eco-responsible vessels with spaces designed to preserve everyone's privacy, the company has made possible the principle of intimate and exclusive cruising, in cabins or privatised.
Would you like to discover the experience of a catamaran cruise? Welcome aboard!
There's no need to form a group and hire an entire boat. Solo, as a couple, with friends, as a family, in pairs but each with their own bed, with children (aged 7 and over), choose to rent only the number of cabins (all with en suite facilities) you need and enjoy the catamaran's vast communal areas in the company of other passengers.

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histoire catlante catamaran

CATLANTE, the story of a meeting and a visionary idea

catlante catamaran concept croisiere

This concept of cabin cruises, with its air of seaside guest houses, was born in France in 2001, thanks to the chance meeting of two men, each in love with the sea in their own way. 
One lives with his family on a barge moored on the Seine, while the other is a serial entrepreneur in the tourism industry, constantly on the lookout for innovative ideas and a keen traveler.
By pooling their experiences, they have created a new style of vacation unlike any other.

catlante catamaran concept croisiere
catlante catamaran histoire
catlante catamaran histoire

By dint of conviction and communication, the concept caught on and the fleet gradually grew...
In 2008, building on this initial success, they decided to launch the construction of their own catamaran model, the Catlante 600, with the help of a shipyard in Lorient. This vessel is designed to meet the expectations of both cabin cruisers and privatized cruisers: no uncomfortable bunk beds, triple cabins for families, vast common spaces thanks to a large fly-bridge and a bow net replaced by a sunbathing platform, a semi-professional galley to improve the quality of meals and the working conditions of the cooks, and wide boarding platforms to facilitate access to the tender and secure the swim exit.

With these revolutionary catamarans, the adventure takes a turn in 2010. The CATLANTE Catamarans brand, as it exists today, is launched under the banner of a move upmarket. After a dozen Catlante 600s, optimized versions of the model were launched in 2017: the Catlante 620 and 720, bigger, with better sailing performance and wider, even more comfortable cabins.

In 2023, one of the two founders decided to retire after having sailed 100,000 people aboard this type of catamaran. Hervé Bellaïche, after 10 years as CEO of PONANT, takes over as CEO of CATLANTE, accompanied by the founder and COO.

With the support of his teams on land and at sea, the CATLANTE adventure continues.

The Catlante 560, a large four-cabin luxury catamaran, eco-designed in aluminum, a solid and recyclable material, will leave the Normandy shipyards in Caen shortly, to join the fleet of 17 vessels. A second Catlante 560 will go into production next.

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The willingness of the CATLANTE Catamarans teams will always be the same:

to provide you with extraordinary experiences and discoveries aboard our catamarans, with respect for the environment and in the safest possible conditions.

Enjoy your trip with CATLANTE Catamarans

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