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Find your ideal cruise for the vacation you love

Because the rest of the year we have to make do with certain constraints, vacations are a special time when we allow ourselves the privilege of doing only what we love.
Whether you want to bask on idyllic beaches, immerse yourself in a primeval forest, walk in the footsteps of ancient civilizations or offer your children an enriching vacation, there's sure to be a CATLANTE cruise for you.
If you've chosen to spend your vacation with friends, make a note of everyone's preferences and have fun finding the cruise that everyone agrees on.
And for the rest, CATLANTE takes care of everything!

barbuda plage vierge de pink sandy beach list 1
barbuda plage vierge de pink sandy beach list 1

Every CATLANTE catamaran cruise takes you on a voyage of discovery of authentic, unspoilt places.

Among all our stopovers devoted entirely to natural beauty, some are absolutely remarkable and especially dedicated to nature lovers.

Immerse yourself in unspoilt nature
provence village de cassis list
provence village de cassis list

CATLANTE's catamaran cruises give you the chance to meet the locals and learn about local history and culture.

If you enjoy learning about the history, customs and gastronomy of your vacation destination, if you like to engage in discussions to find out more, if you're fascinated by architecture, some cruises will suit you better than others.

Enrich yourself with history and culture
baignade enfants et ado depuis le catamaran
baignade enfants et ado depuis le catamaran

If you want to offer your children a fabulous experience on your next vacation, opt for a catamaran cruise.

Just like grown-ups, children can enjoy all CATLANTE cruises, but younger children will probably prefer to spend as much time as possible ashore or swimming, rather than sailing.

Taking the kids on a cruise
le nikki beach a st jean st barthelemy list
le nikki beach a st jean st barthelemy list

Does the chic, charming atmosphere of Saint-Tropez or Saint-Barth appeal to you? CATLANTE cruises offer you privileged access.

Do you like elegant yet relaxed vacation spots? Pushing open the door of a luxury boutique after the beach but living barefoot in the sand? Embark on a catamaran cruise to the jet-set's favorite ports of call.

A stopover in mythical seaside resorts
croisiere en amoureux aux seychelles
croisiere en amoureux aux seychelles

What could be more romantic than an island of white sand and coconut palms, or the narrow streets of a Tuscan village to stroll hand in hand? Take off on a romantic catamaran cruise.

Every CATLANTE cruise is ideal for a getaway for two. If we have to choose the two most seductive destinations for a honeymoon or a "love to love" holiday, the Seychelles and the Tuscan islands are at the top of the podium.

Saying I love you (again) on a dream island
plage d anse lazio aux seychelles
plage d anse lazio aux seychelles

Is the ultimate goal of your vacation to collect unbelievably beautiful beaches? Well, that's CATLANTE's specialty. There are so many on our catamaran cruises that making a selection is a real headache and an injustice.

Landing on the world's most beautiful beaches

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