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More and more players in the tourism sector are committing to a sustainable development approach, in line with the changing expectations of travelers and emerging societal concerns.

At CATLANTE Catamarans, we are aware of the need to adopt a responsible approach to environmental challenges.
Every day, we strive to manage our commitment to sustainable tourism in a reasoned and a controlled way.
A tangible, authentic and transparent approach.
A pragmatic approach.

Our roadmap, updated in January 2024, focuses on several key areas  :

  1. Energy and climate
  2. Preserving biodiversity
  3. Diversity, health and safety
  4. Responsible purchasing and partnerships with local communities

Sailing cruises are becoming increasingly popular in the tourism industry, offering a vacation alternative in line with the demands of sustainable tourism. Immersion in nature, respect for the environment and distance from tourist crowds attract customers looking for a more responsible way to travel. Traveling less and in smaller groups, but better, has become a major concern.

CATLANTE Catamarans has published its CSR commitments, including respect for the environment and preservation of biodiversity.

A CSR charter, including objectives and monitoring indicators, has also been drawn up. It is monitored every 3 months.

The company is currently working to obtain the "Agir Pour un Tourisme Durable" label, a benchmark in the French tourism sector, while collaborating with NGOs and local initiatives.

A sustainable tourism reference person has been appointed. She can be contacted at [email protected].

Group commitments in 2024

catlante protection engagement

1. Energy and climate

catlante protection engagement

CATLANTE Catamarans is committed to limiting emissions and implementing proactive energy management.
Most catamarans are equipped with solar panels, which generate 20% of their energy needs.
They are all fitted with LED bulbs, and benefit from optimized cabin air-conditioning, for rational energy consumption.

The use of wind power is systematically prioritized.
The company measures its carbon footprint and has set itself targets of a -30% reduction by 2028.
In 2023, although there was still room for improvement, CO2 emissions per person for a week's vacation with CATLANTE Catamarans were 5 to 10 times lower than for comparable vacations.
Because of their intrinsic characteristics, their specific constraints and their modest size, catamaran trips are, in fact, recognized today as one of the most environmentally-friendly forms of vacation.
However, we are well aware that much remains to be done in this area.
The objectives of the Paris Agreement (COP 21) aim to reduce CO2 emissions to 2 tonnes per person per year by 2050, while the current average in France exceeds 8 tonnes per year.
At CATLANTE Catamarans, emissions are already 50% below this national average, but we're continually striving to do better.

It is essential to take into account the transportation of customers from their place of residence to the cruise departure points.
CATLANTE Catamarans is committed to favoring the most environmentally-friendly carriers. For example, partnerships have been established with companies offering crossings to Corsica by electric ship.
Trips from Marseille, combining train and catamaran, are also available. It's worth noting that trains emit 20 times less CO2 than planes for the same distance (14g CO2/km for trains vs. 285g CO2/km for planes).

catlante protection biodiversite

2. Preserving biodiversity

catlante protection biodiversite

CATLANTE Catamarans is committed to reducing various forms of pollution, including noise and visual pollution.
All CATLANTE Catamarans captains are trained to navigate in protected areas and to preserve biodiversity.
Single-use plastics are kept to a strict minimum, and those used in catering (glasses, straws, presentation containers, plates, cutlery) have been eliminated since 2015. Waste sorting, recycling and reduction are implemented both on board and ashore.
Water management and wastewater treatment are strictly monitored on every cruise.
CATLANTE Catamarans promotes animal welfare and offers activities aimed at discovering and protecting nature, fauna and flora.
CATLANTE Catamarans yachts have minimal impact on underwater noise and visual pollution.

catlante diversite sante securite

3. Diversity, team health and safety

catlante diversite sante securite

CATLANTE Catamarans' commitment to diversity is also concrete, with 50% women on its Management Committee.

The company supports and is involved in WomenForSea, an association dedicated to protecting the sea and empowering women in this field.
The company also involves its employees in shaping its vision and development, while implementing loyalty-building practices to ensure long-term relationships. As a result, staff turnover is significantly lower than the industry average.
A health and safety policy has been established, with rigorous monitoring of incidents, resulting in an accident rate per customer of less than 0.001.
Before boarding, passengers adhere to the safety rules, which are also posted on board, and attend a safety briefing.
Safety and environmental training is provided for both crew and shore teams, as part of the Catlante Academy project, a multi-faceted initiative integrating environmental awareness.

catlante achats responsables

4. Responsible purchasing and links with local communities

catlante achats responsables

A responsible purchasing policy has been drawn up, encompassing the fight against food waste and optimized sourcing, with dedicated indicators monitored.

Prioritizing organic food products and selecting suppliers and products according to sustainability criteria, most fresh produce (fruit, vegetables, meat and fish) is purchased locally and in short circuits, thus promoting the sharing of economic value at local level.

Before each new itinerary, our teams systematically meet with local communities to establish links.
With only 12 passengers on board, this privileged and authentic contact is one of the reasons why customers choose CATLANTE Catamarans.

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